Life In Nirvana

Nirvana is your aid to inner search for equilibrium, quietude, freedom and ultimate happiness. 

Nirvana is ethically produced cotton apparel handmade by the artisans of India for you to slip into when “Me Time” is on your mind. 

Nirvana is mindful, elevated loungewear for Meditation and more.

We believe that it is only by aspiring to achieve our best spiritual, emotional, and physical self, we can live life wholesomely. With the recurring demands and stress placed on us by the fast paced, constantly changing world, our well being requires continuous attention, care and effort.

Made with pure cotton, in loose comfortable inclusive fits - Nirvana’s apparel line is perfect  for when you choose to seek refuge from everyday life. 

Whether you are cooking a meal that makes the stomach and heart happy of your loved ones, taking a stroll in the garden, sipping that turmeric latte curled up on a couch while reading a book or simply meditating. Nirvana’s line of conscious clothing is just right for whatever it is that makes your soul smile.