Mindful Living

Mindful living is about living in the present, with awareness. Mindful living encourages one to be aware of their actions, words, and feelings to ensure a fulfilling life. It's about not letting life pass you by while living in reactions and in your head.

We at Nirvana feel that the keyword while practising mindful living is comfort; be it the nature of activity, place or clothing. Why clothing? Well because to ensure a relaxed mind it’s imperative that the body be totally relaxed. If the clothing is “distraction-free”  then focusing on the inner self becomes that much easier.

With our range of loose fits made in soft, sustainable fabrics, our apparel range brings that thought to life.   

We have endeavoured to bring together the traditions of wellness and Indian crafts, embellished with modern creative thought to make your journey of self discovery a mindful experience.