Artisanal Enablement

Each piece at Nirvana is handmade with homegrown products by our artisans, hence is unique and full of good “chi”.

At Nirvana we chose the finest cotton woven to bring to you a piece that feels like second skin and ensures that nothing comes between you and your moment of calm.

Our artisans prefer naturally sourced raw materials and dyes over the artificially produced chemical dyes and prints. These materials are not only good for the environment but even for your skin. 

Natural fabrics are hand woven and therefore have a broad weave, which is stronger making it more durable and long lasting. Pure Cotton lends itself to garments made with loose fits which in turn allows the flow of air and circulation in the body, making it breathable, hypoallergenic and odour free. It is believed to help the skin heal faster due to its organic chemical free ways of production.