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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - Thevasa

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam


If the world is one family and if vasa is home, then how do you define your family and home?

Is it bharat, India, the land that you call home? Is it bharatiyata, the sense of being Indian, in its countless hues, shapes, and forms? Or if you have moved away to live, work, or study, is it the direction of the homeland, or the sbadesa abhimukha? Is it the sampradaya, or the tradition, in which you grew up and which informs your conduct in life?

Is it the home in your hometown, ante veendum ante naadum, where you grew up amongst family and friends blissfully unaware of the world beyond it? Or is it the pind, the village, the community to which you belong? Is it the sheher, the city, where you lived for a while but which is as dear as home now?

Is it, the house, the veedu whose corners and edges and contours are so familiar that you can walk around even with your eyes closed? Or is it the suparicita, the familiarity, of your commute to and from home, where you buy your groceries and vegetables, the neighbors you smile and wave at or the colleagues you can share your lunch with? After a long day, is it the sukoon, the peace, of being in the privacy of your room, lost in a good book or a web series? Is it the mauj, the ecstasy, of dancing away your stress at a club or floating away in a good song plugged into your ears? Or quite simply, is it the nemmadi, the easiness, of being amongst people you love and who love you?

Is home, for you, your parivar, your family? Or is it mur deha, your heart, your love, your soulmate? Is it your maika, the home where you lived with your parents before you got married, or is it the house, mane, where you now live with your significant other? Is it your bhala bandhu, best friend, from childhood or youth, with whom you can share both jokes and insults?

Is home that khwab, a cherished dream, you have held since forever and which you’re still trying to fulfill? Or is it some hope, aas, that you think will come true some day? If you are working at making it come true, then is it the tapasya, the meditation, you perform every day without fail by working hard and staying focused at your goal?

If you believe in a higher power, then is home the garbh griha of a temple, the sanctum sanctorum where the deity resides and where the devotee can have the darshan, a silent conversation, with the divine? Is it sreekalam, a house where the goddess lives, or is it the gharmandir, the home temple, where you meet with your God or Goddess every morning?

Home means many things to all of us. So, come, tell us what it means to you.

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