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The journey from the stone age to stoneware


If there ought to be one monologue for this season it would be about turning spaces into a more homely setting. With homes being an extension of self, it went far beyond comfort and became a concept of beautification in a sustainable fashion. 

With the colours of pastels splashed across our Instagram feeds, a love for all things minimal and stoneware have been slowly increasing. A need to include uniquely handcrafted stoneware in our dining that are designed to mean something has been catching popularity this past couple of years.

The trends are seen shifting to a more minimal style of living where people want to invest in products that are achieved through ethical measures while promoting Indian heritage. The shift has been transcending to incorporate years worth of craftsmanship into more minimal design aesthetics of today. The art of crafting crockery out of stoneware has also seen withstanding the test of changing times. It is evolving to incorporate features like being microwave friendly and being lead-free for a healthier living.

The stoneware is preferred due to its durability and denser stone-like quality. The finished products are waterproof and may not need to be glazed over like other earthenware products.

These products are handcrafted and undergo a rigorous process due to which slight irregularities are an unavoidable aspect in the making. But these irregularities are mostly what makes the piece unique and speak volumes of the human touch left behind as a story to be spoken of.

The subtle muted tones achieved are a classic addition to any kitchen crockery, so while the loud aesthetics are forever a welcome option in our country, the minimal aesthetics are slowly but steadily catching onto us. 

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