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Space called home


Just some time ago, home was just another space that was decorated but still mostly left empty considering the busy schedules, trips to nowhere and the need to stay out and enjoy life. But the pandemic forced each one of us to re-evaluate how we lead our lives. Forcing us to stay within the four walls and make it a place we not only would call our own but would want to live in. A gradual shift was observed where we wanted to create a homely space that could be our safe haven and our moment gateway. A place that rightly reflected who we are.

Today, homes are not just pretty decorations but meaningful placements offering a connection to our rich culture, our history and by extension, ourselves. The home space speaks of comfort, a better understanding of our preferences and an aesthetically appealing living space. As a token of appreciation to this new-found connection to our homes that makes us want to spend more time inside, it’s imperative that we carefully pick each article that makes it a whole.

Changing times call for a change in how we segregate our homely space. Starting with a dedicated space for all the office meetings that has transitioned from physical meeting to video conferencing, a space that is away from the rest of the house that can provide the calm and quiet to function properly with all the necessary stationery and a nice background for video calls. The showstopper of the home remains the living room that when decorated with nice durries and cushions give off a regal look. In addition to this, a kitchen space ought to have minimal yet classy looking ceramics for your kitchenware. The homes of today call for a reconnection with nature by adding a nice touch of indoor plants that provide the richness of suburbs. And lastly, a dedicated space for ourselves where we can enjoy a moment away in peace.

The way we are changes every day, so does what we call our own. The new dawn calls for reconnection and comfort and most importantly a soothing and calm environment.Gradually build yours with carefully curated pieces at Thevasa.