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Thrifting for the perfect gifting


A matter of celebrating relationships, a token of appreciation, a show of pride and a moment of togetherness, gifting has turned into more than just an exchange of things this Diwali 2020.

Exchanging gifts has been a part of our culture since ages, more so now when people cannot show their love physically. Gifting reflects the act of remembrance of a shared moment or the person itself and in this pandemic, it’s about standing with each other through testing times.

So we have curated a range of options that are perfectly fitting gifts for the different sock for emotions:

One for the parents: Years worth of shared stories over the dinner table deserves a souvenir of the times never forgotten. Curate a personalised dinner set from the exclusive range of Thevasa ceramics as a toast to these celebrated moments and a show of appreciation for all that they have done for you over the years.

One for the lady: The women in our lives play a huge role, from mothers to sisters, from wife to daughter and from friends to best friends each one should be celebrated with the bests of things which is why we bring to you a range of options from our Santorini Collection of Sarees, one for everyone.

One for the man: Equally important are the fathers, brothers, sons and brothers of our lives and more of often than not instead of a huge gesture a small yet thoughtful gift works wonders, for this, you can choose to gift them a pair of Thevasa Mugs and let them be reminded of you when they start a new day. 

One for the family: We Indians are known to have huge families and there’s nothing like one big happy family, which is why a set of Thevasa Durrie and Cushion Covers are a perfect homely touch to the whole gifting process. 

One for the friends: Conversations over a cup of tea or coffee are the fleeting moments with friends we all cherish which is why our ceramic pots set of  Tsagiera teapot set is the go-to option for this festive celebration, the perfect reminder for the next time you chill together. 

One for the office colleagues: The office is our home away from home, so let’s not shy away from gifting the perfect stationery setup for their desk. Create your own combo from a range of aesthetic products- Karne Notebooks, Fotografia Frames, Simeio Slips, Charamizo Bins and Grafo stands.

This Diwali, go beyond just gifting and focus on leaving an impression both emotionally and physically but in style and with good aesthetics. While you decide what you gift, we have arranged a FLAT 20% off on all our products so don’t have to shy away from gifting. Visit and use code ‘DIWALI20.’