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Exploring the occasional fabrics


Imagine going to buy fruits, the fruit may look quite nice but upon touch, it feels weird and may not even be the right level of ripe you like, would you still buy it? Probably not. Similarly, the ensemble speaks a lot about the person carrying it and to ace that it’s important to pick the right fabric for the right occasion which not only ensures comfort but style.

We have laid out a couple of options for you to browse through and help you decide what you would want to wear the next time.

Minimal Casual

Materials like cotton and Kota Doria are the best options if you are looking for something simple, comfortable yet easy to experiment with. These materials are easy to drape and fall nicely and can be paired with more contemporary looking blouses. They normally don’t droop which is a plus if you are looking to show off those gorgeous curves.

Cotton Saree:

A preferred piece of fabric when it comes to comfort and texture. It looks simple yet elegant and is soft to touch. The fabric is breathable and the quality of the pure weave is retained through a long time. These sarees are cost-effective as compared to their other counterparts. They can be worn in a family setting for daily use or a small family dinner.

Kota Doria Saree:

A fabric choice made out of tiny weaves known as khats that give it an airy feather-like texture. Its sheer nature is what makes it easier to style for a gathering with close friends and family. The pastel shades derived by dyes over a white base is what makes it unique. The little block prints add a subtle elegance to the whole look.

Minimal Occasional:

Fabrics like the Kota Silk and Chanderi are the go-to options when looking to be dashing in an occasion. These materials are considered to carry a traditional ethnic look that oozes luxury. With its lightweight properties, it’s suiting gifting for a long day of festivities.

Chanderi Silk Saree:

The weaved fabric has a nice lustrous finishing that is preferred by the ladies today. It is appropriate for every occasion and gives a rather regal appearance. The fabric is easily distinguishable from other handlooms. One can never go wrong with a Chanderi saree, so the next time you are attending a puja or an official gathering this choice of fabric will probably be the best.

Kota Silk Saree:

This fabric is again one of the most elegant pieces to go for with a hint of the party in its lustrous texture, it’s a choice fabric for most of the young ladies with just the right amount of elegance and comfort in one saree.

Go glam by choosing the right saree fabric for the right occasion all the while keeping in mind your comfort and the finishing look. Now that you know what to wear and when gift right with Thevasa’s Saree.