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Contemporising living


Changing times call for a change in the way we portray ourselves and the things around us. Gone are the days when our clothes or our living spaces were fiercely traditional, even when we desire to hold on to the artisanal legacy we were drifting further away. We are shifting towards a more modern outlook on life where the otherwise maximalist culture is reflected in contemporary and minimalist ways across prints and motifs.

The new-age is identified by the home and interior landscape along with the apparel segment painted in pastels and light prints. The colours are weighing towards pastels that reflect a state of calm and peace in the otherwise busy lifestyles. The need to view things differently is seen translating in the choice of fabrics, the relaxed silhouettes, simple and easy-going motifs and muted tones.

Following this wave of minimalism, Thevasa offers the audience a way to transform their lifestyles into a much appreciated slow-paced living. The simplicity of motifs inspired by Santorini is seen smartly crafted onto each of the pieces in the Santorini Collection. The muted tones are a wave of refreshing colours that transport the person to a relaxed time ingrained in the memory while the craftsmanship of the Indian artisans lets the consumer feel deeply rooted in the Indian culture. The minimalist take on the loud Indian prints and colours is a refreshing and a welcome change.

Be a part of this smooth and slow-paced lifestyle by joining the Thevasa community and change the visual landscape of your home and closet.